Quilters Cottage

                    Services and Places of Interest


Quilters Cottage is a service organization in the local community.  The staff
is involved in many quilt groups and guilds that has kept quilting in the forefront.   Below you will find some services and places of interest that you may find helpful as you visit the Myrtle Beach -Pawleys Island SC area.  We hope you find your
stay with us enjoyable and relaxing. This area has much more for one to see beside our beautiful beaches & ocean

Quilters Cottage has been involved in the service called "Quilts of Valor".  This is a
service to honor the service men and women who have given their utmost duty that we
may live in a free country.  The Quilts made by the women are given to the VA hospitals
around the US to give comfort to those wounded .  If you would like to be a part of
this worthy mission please call Quilters Cottage @843-651-4004 or go to the
web site
www.qovf-um.org.  All donations will be deeply appreciated

There are many Real Estate firms in the Myrtle Beach-Pawleys Island area to serve
you and your family in securing a new home or a vacation getaway.  All these are
professional and live in the area they represent. 
Weichert Reality-Seaside Properties -  


  Please don't forget to visit the other Quilt Shops in the area.  Thank you
for visiting our
web site. 
If you feel it can be more enjoyable please do not hesitate to tell us.

For our mission is to serve in assisting you to make your "Project Become a

                                              Go In Peace

                          Pat & Rhett Roman and the entire staff of Quilters Cottage




_Websites for your pleasure


Brookgreen Gardens


Georgetown Chamber of Commerce



Frank's Restuarant & Bar



Hammock Shops




Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce



Katies Quilt



In addition to having a full scale quilt shop Quilters Cottage also offers services in
Long Arm Quilting and Custom Embroidery.  These services have been in existance
for over 10 years and the scope is vast.
Premier Long Arm Quilting is being performed on the leade
r in the market -
Gammill Classic Plus - Statler Stitcher.  An array of Pantos, Block,Border and Shashing patterns
are available for you to choose how you wish your finished quilt to look.
Embroidery is serviced on a 12 needle Happy embroidery machine. Many fonts and
embroidery designs are available for your choosing.
If you have needs for either Long Arm Quilting or Custom Embroidery call and we
will be happy to discuss your needs with you.


 Happy Embroidery Machine & Gammill Statler Stitcher                    


Quilt Guilds:  We are blessed with a number of Quilt Guilds in the greater
Myrtle Beach area. If you find one that tweaks your interest please call and secure
additional information.  The Quilt Guilds are not exclusively for the local quilters. 
It is also for those who may be visiting in the area.  Join in on the quilters


    � Bucksport Senior Center
     Bucksport , SC
     Monday - Friday - 9am-2pm
     Contact:  Theresa Mack


     �  Burgess Senior Center
     Myrtle Beach, SC

     Monday-Wed.- Fri - 9am-2pm

     Contact: Ula Winningham




     �  Coastal Carolina Quilters
     Surfside Beach, SC

     3rd Monday of Month - 10am - 2pm

     Contact: Louisa Jordan    


     �  Grand Strand Quilters

     Myrtle Beach Base Recreation Center

     Myrtle Beach, SC

     Every Thursday -10:30am-1:30pm 
     Contact; Beverly Clement




     �  Palmetto Quilters
     Grand Strand Senior Center

     Myrtle Beach, SC

     Every Wednesday - 9:00am - 12:00pm




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